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Employment Law

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance to both employers and employees.

We will always seek to resolve your problems via the route that’s best for you, which may include:

  • Writing letters on your behalf
  • Representing you at an Employment Tribunal
  • Mediation
  • Helping you to take action through the Courts or to defend Court proceedings against you.

Whatever your problem at work, contact us and see if we can help. We can offer advice and assistance in the following:

  • Unfair dismissal or redundancy
  • Discrimination on the grounds of disability, race or sex
  • Constructive dismissal (for example if you felt you had to leave your job because of the way you were treated)
  • Breach of employment contract terms
  • Wages claims
  • Compromise agreements
  • Your rights as an employee when the business you work for is sold.


Have you been the victim of unfair treatment in connection with your employment? Contact us so that we can assess your claim and we will be able to guide you through the steps necessary to resolve your dispute or make a claim through the Employment Tribunal.

Dealing with employee-related problems effectively is fundamental to the success of your business. It is crucial to manage staff issues before they become a problem.

Obtaining legal advice on your documentation and procedures before a problem emerges will entail a much lower cost to you, in respect of both time and money, than if you wait until an employee brings a claim. Prevention is always better than cure.

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